Taste the Tradition

In 2001, Jimmy Dick planted the first trees of what would become a thriving pecan farm. Today, with over 600 acres and 20,000 pecan trees, we're dedicated to growing the plumpest and most flavorful pecans in New Mexico and West Texas. Whether you're a pecan connoisseur or simply looking for a nutritious snack, we invite you to savor the goodness of Dick's freshly harvested pecans.

  • -Oscar

    I bought a sack for my mother-in-law and she enjoyed them. I ordered her several for Christmas so she can bake a pecan pie.

  • - Carlos

    I love the taste of them nuts!

  • - Adriana

    The honey-flavored ones are my favorite

  • - Leslie

    The Pecans are golden brown and tasty

  • -Johnny

    Whoever thought about the marketing is cool and funny!